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OKI Launches CenterStage® NX3200 Session Border Controller Offering Packet Transfer Processing Functions with World-leading Performance

Supports 10 Gbps offering PSTN-level quality, reliability, and affordability for VoIP connections between telecommunications carriers

CenterStage NX3200

TOKYO, March 5, 2014 -- Targeting telecommunications carriers, OKI (TOKYO: 6703) today launched the CenterStage® NX3200 session Border controller (SBC)(*1) offering 10Gbps compatibility and world-leading packet transfer processing functions. The NX3200 allows up to 64,000 concurrent connections(*2) per unit, double that of previous OKI's products, while minimizing transfer delays(*3) to 20 ┬Ásec for concurrent telecommunications connections at maximum data volumes. This product is ideal for telecommunications carriers both in Japan and worldwide, allowing them to offer seamless data transfers for full-scale VoIP(*4) services as well as future growth in data volumes without compromising quality or reliability.

A major issue for telecommunications carriers is how to handle the growing volumes of communications data generated by rapid growth in smartphone use, both by regular consumers and businesses, as well as the transition to and growth in cloud services. Another factor is growing use of VoLTE(*5) as part of the shift to LTE(*6) for voice communications to enable high-speed wireless services, even over mobile networks. Another factor has been the steady shift in voice communications services from existing public telephone exchange networks to VoIP networks. All voice communications routed via multiple carriers in this way are expected to use VoIP in the future.

"PSTN(*7) offers a highly reliable configuration, with high communication volumes and extreme quality and reliability. Achieving levels of quality or reliability comparable to previous SBCs proved extremely difficult, due to the difficulty of processing large-volume sessions while maintaining voice quality using the conventional routers and switches that form the basis for most SBC products. Handling increased volumes also introduced issues of increased initial and running costs," says Hidetoshi Saigou, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Telecom Systems Business Division at OKI. "OKI has further improved the performance of conventional devices already highly acclaimed by carriers for their carrier-grade scalability and reliability. We have now developed a blade featuring packet transfer functions with world-leading performance, forming the basis of the new NX3200. The improved features allow seamless connections between a wide range of carriers, offering PSTN-comparable reliability and quality at low cost."

The product features a 10Gbps physical interface in addition to the existing 1Gbps interface to handle future growth in data volumes for connections between telecommunications carriers.

Sales plan

Differs on network structure and capacity
From April 2014
Sales target
100 units over the next three years

CenterStage NX 3200: Main characteristics

  • The 1Gbps interface and an optional 10Gbps interface ensure the scalability needed for connections between telecommunications carriers.
  • A single unit can handle up to 64,000 concurrent connections (approximately double existing OKI devices)
  • Transfer delays are kept to 20 ┬Ásec, even for communications at maximum data volumes.


  • *1 :SBC: Session Border Controller

    A device connecting IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) networks; allows communication between terminals on IMS networks operated by different carriers using methods such as SIP (session initiation protocol) manipulation and media conversion. This allows (for example) use of individual codecs in video conferencing between mobile terminals and PCs for seamless video transmission.

  • *2 :Concurrent connections

    Connection processing is required between terminals for communications between voice, video, and data terminals. The SBC between these terminals also performs connection processing (e.g., ensuring communication quality and blocking unauthorized communications), but this processing is required for large volumes of simultaneous communications. Concurrent connections refer to the maximum number of these connection processes possible at any one time.

  • *3 :Transfer delay

    Delay generated by network-side processing when transmitting audio. Excessive transfer delays can degrade audio quality and create other issues. Transfer delays and the resulting audio quality degradation are especially significant for codec conversion.

  • *4 :VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol

    A framework for voice transmission over IP network.

  • *5 :VoLTE: Voice over LTE

    A method that provides voice communication as data telecommunication over LTE.

  • *6 :LTE: Long Term Evolution

    A new mobile phone communications standard developed by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), an organization responsible for standardizing mobile networks, with service commencing in 2010. 3GPP has also established a standard for transmitting audio via LTE known as VoLTE (Voice over LTE). The latter technology entered service in 2012.

  • *7 :PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Networks

    Conventional public switched telephone network which is being transferred to VoIP using IP.

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