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OKI Technical Review

Welcome to OKI Technical Review (OTR), a technical journal published by Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., which presents our Research and Development approaches and achievements to help overseas customers understand our engineering capabilities and corporate vision. The articles contained in OTR are selected from "OKI Technical Review," published half‐yearly in Japanese.

Amidst the movement of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that began with Germany's Industry 4.0, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced the Connected Industries, a conceptual framework for industries aiming to create a human-centered super smart society (Society 5.0) that combines social problem solving with economic development.

At mono-zukuri work sites, expectations are rising for solutions that utilize innovative technologies including AI, big data, IoT and robotics to solve such problems as labor shortage and advanced skill succession.

As manufacturers take action to address the changes in mono-zukuri approach, OKI is working on innovations that bring together OKI's technical expertise in the field of sensing, networking and data analysis with production site technologies.

This issue introduces production systems that utilize AI, IoT and robotics as well as on-site technologies that improve high-mix low-volume productivity and product quality. OKI will advance its mono-zukuri innovation efforts further as it aims to grow together with its customers.

We would like to thank you for reading the OTR past issues and we hope you will continue to enjoy, and benefit from reading the OTR in the future.

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