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Investor Relations

Corporate Information Message from the President Corporate Information Message from the President

Shinya Kamagami

In Q1 of fiscal year 2018, the OKI Group recorded net sales of 88.9 billion yen, a 1.5 billion yen decrease year-on-year, due to the absence of the special factor of standardization of the fiscal periods in the Brazilian subsidiary in the Mechatronics Systems business and a lack of the large network-related projects in the ICT business in the previous first quarter, though the EMS business built on solid growth with the new consolidation of OKI Electric Cable and the Printers business, benefiting from the effect of the weak yen. Operating loss was 0.8billion yen, a 3.1 billion yen improvement year-on-year due to the effects of business structural reforms and yen depreciation in the Printers business despite the decline in sales volume.

Ordinary loss came to 1.7 billion yen, a 1.8 billion yen improvement. Loss attributable to owners of parent was 1.8 billion yen, a 3.0 billion yen improvement year-on-year, due to the absence of business structure improvement expenses for the Printers business in extraordinary losses recorded in the previous first quarter.

The OKI Group positions this fiscal year—the middle year of the Mid-term Business Plan 2019—as the year for getting back on a sustainable growth path. We were able to start this fiscal year with performance in accordance with our plan. The OKI Group will continue to implement measures announced at the beginning of the current term and aims to steadily achieve its targets for this fiscal year.

We are grateful for the continuing support and cooperation of all our shareholders and investors. I ask for your continued and steadfast support as we move forward.

July 27, 2018

S. Kamagami

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