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OKI Group Environmental Management

Based on our the OKI Group Environmental Policy, OKI Group aims to achieve a better global environment, and flexibly and efficiently manages this for the entire group. OKI Group Environmental Vision 2020 has four themes which are important business issues. OKI Group creates and manages an Environmental activities plan for each of these themes, We are actively working on activities to continually reduce the environmental burdens of our products and business activities.

OKI Group Environmental Management Systems

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The Scope of ISO14001 Consolidated Certification

  • Toranomon Site
  • Shibaura Site
  • Warabi Site
  • Takasaki Site
  • Honjo Site
  • Tomioka Site
  • Numazu Site
  • ODC Fukushima Site
  • OMT Fukushima Site
  • OTPS Fukushima/Omiya Site
  • OME Fukushima Site
  • OPC Niigata Site
  • OPC Oume Site
  • NOK Nagano Site
  • OPS Isesaki Site
  • OPS Hokkaido Branch Office Site
  • OPS Tohoku Branch Office Site
  • OPS Chubu Branch Office Site
  • OPS Kansai Branch Office Site
  • OPS Chugoku Branch Office Site
  • OPS Shikoku Branch Office Site
  • OPS Kyushu Branch Office Site
  • OEG Hikawadai/Higashikurume Site
  • ODF Makuhari/Takatsuka Site
  • OCM Tokorozawa Site
  • ODI Takasaki Site
  • OKI Kansai Techno Research Center Site
  • OTC Yamagata Site
  • Hokkaido Regional Office Site
  • Tohoku Regional Office Site
  • Chubu Regional Office Site
  • Kansai Regional Office Site
  • Chugoku Regional Office Site
  • Shikoku Regional Office Site
  • Kyushu Regional Office Site
  • ODMT Ayutthaya Site (Thailand)
  • OPNT Chiang Mai Site(Thailand)
  • OME Dong Guan Site (China)
  • OKN Kunshan Site (China)
  • OSZ Shenzhen Site (China)

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