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CenterStage NX5200

CenterStage NX5200 overview

The CenterStage NX5200 is a communications server for PSTN interconnections designed for large-scale carriers and optimized to serve as a foundation for Next Generation Network(*1) (NGN) services. CenterStage HAPF (OKI's proprietary high-availability(*2) middleware) delivers the high level of availability and performance demanded by NGN by enabling high 99.9999% availability, a capacity of 80,000 simultaneously connected channels and a maximum of 100,000 channels per server, and call processing performance that reaches 1 million busy hour call attempts (BHCA).

The NX5200 provides functionality defined by MGCF and BGCF in IMS. These capabilities allow IMS networks to be seamlessly connected to conventional telephone networks so that calls can be made inexpensively from an IMS terminal to a conventional telephone and vice versa. This product dramatically simplifies the transition from conventional IP telephone networks to NGN.

CenterStage NX5200 scope

Implementing PSTN/ISDN simulation and IP telephone relay service over NGN

Used in combination with functionality available on the NX5000 and NX5100, these capabilities enable the implementation of not only PSTN/ISDN simulation(*3) but also PSTN/ISDN emulation(*4) and conventional IP telephone relay service over NGN.

CenterStage HAPF

The CenterStage NX Series applies CenterStage HAPF (OKI's proprietary high-availability middleware) to deliver the exceptional performance, capacity, and reliability demanded by NGN.

  • *1NGN(Next Generation Networks)

    A next-generation network architecture for which the ITU-T is currently developing the specification. Based on the Internet Protocol (IP), this next-generation communications network assumes the enhancement and expansion of IP networks and incorporates conditions such as QoS and the separation of service and transport functions. NGN standardization efforts at the ITU-T began with Study Group 13 (SG13) during the second half of the last session (2000 to 2003). Intensive consideration of the technology continues today based on an organization known as FG-NGN (Focus Group on NGN), which was created in 2004 to accelerate the consideration of NGN specifications.

  • *2HA(High Availability)

    A system that stays operational for a high percentage of the time. Carrier-grade systems are required to provide 99.9999% reliability (about 33 seconds of down time each year).

  • *3PSTN/ISDN Simulation

    Service using an IP phone adapter that is roughly equivalent to conventional public fixed phone service.

  • *4PSTN/ISDN Emulation

    Service that does not differ from conventional public fixed phone service.

  • *Company and product names appearing on this page are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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