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CenterStage NX3200

CenterStage NX3200 Overview

The CenterStage NX3200 is a line of session border controller(*1) (SBC) devices designed for large-scale carriers and asuitable for foundation of Next Generation Network(*2) (NGN) services.

The combination of the ATCA platform and CenterStage HAPF(*3) (Oki's proprietary high-availability middleware) delivers the high level of availability and performance required for NGN with offering high 99.9999% availability; low-delay, high-speed transmission performance at the equivalent of wire rates; large-scale session control performance reaching up to 200,000 simultaneous connected sessions; and flexible expandability for accommodating future functionality such as codec conversion.

As an IMS component, the NX3200 implements functionality defined as IBCF and Tr-GW. This functionality enables secure connections between carriers, and dramatically simplifies the introduction of new services as well as interworking with existing services.

Diagram of a connection example using CenterStage® NX3200

S-CSCF(Serving Call Session Control Function) :
Provides a call control to enable communication over IP networks.It also interconnects with SIP application server
IBCF(Interconnect Border Control Function) :
Controls functions to interconnect networks for signaling
TrGW(Translation Gateway) :
Controls functions to interconnect networks for transport

Use of the ATCA Platform(*4)

useOur choice of the ATCA platform and network processors(*5) for CenterStage NX3200 makes it possible to add functions flexibly and easily. Strict observance of an open design philosophy ensures the flexibility to expand session border controller functionality with new capabilities as necessary. Used in combination with Oki's proprietary CenterStage HAPF (Oki's proprietary high-availability middleware), the NX3200 delivers the exceptional reliability of 99.9999% availability.

Large-scale Session Control with High-speed Packet Transmission

The NX3200 is capable of 200,000 simultaneous sessions, providing the large-scale session control required to keep pace with advances in Triple Play(*6) technologies. Additionally, IPv4/IPv6 conversion functionality capable of transmission at wire speeds(*7) contributes to seamless low-latency communications.

CenterStage HAPF

The CenterStage NX Series applies CenterStage HAPF (OKI's proprietary high-availability middleware) to deliver the exceptional performance, capacity, and reliability required for NGN.

  • *1Session border controller

    A controller to interconnect networks between IP multimedia subsystems (IMS). It can connect with different carries' IMS networks and terminals by translating the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) differences and by performing media conversion.

  • *2NGN (Next Generation Networks)

    Next-generation networks operated by communications carriers based on IP technology. International standardization efforts are underway under the aegis of the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector), and Japanese communications carriers are becoming more actively involved in efforts to build NGN. In addition to existing fixed and mobile communication service, NGN networks are capable of providing high-quality video distribution, videoconferencing, and high-reliability communications services for enterprises over a single IP network. In addition to enabling carriers to lower the costs associated with building and operating networks, NGN technology makes it easier for providers to offer new services such as Triple Play (integrated audio, data, and video) and fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Additionally, an open application programming interface (API) makes it easy for third parties to offer original services that take advantage of NGN functionality.

  • *3CenterStage HAPF

    A middleware platform to ensure high reliability for OKI's CenterStage NX Series. With a duplex server and a function to ensure reliability, the middleware achieves an operating rate of 99.9999%, a high level of availability equivalent to a central office.

  • *4AdvancedTCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture)

    This is an industry standard for NGN telecom equipment for telecom carriers, established by PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). AdvancedTCA includes technology advantages with high processing capacity and I/O expandability, while enabling reduction in development costs and flexibility with its open standards.

  • *5Network processor

    A processor that is dedicated to processing network traffic. Traffic processing software can be loaded onto the processor to enable processing equivalent to that achieved with dedicated hardware. Software development furthermore offers the ability to accommodate post-installation changes to system functionality with flexibility.

  • *6Triple Play

    One type of communications service that delivers the triple functionality of audio, video, and data on a single line.

  • *7Wire speed

    The maximum sustainable speed at which packets can be transferred on a line.

  • *Company and product names appearing on this page are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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